Stanford CS248B, Fall 2022
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics:
Animation and Simulation
Instructors: Doug James and Karen Liu
Time: Tuesday and Thursday 1:30-2:50PM (First class on 9/27)
Location: Gates B3 and on Zoom via SCPD
Course Description

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to computer graphics, focusing on fundamental concepts and techniques in Computer Animation and Physics Simulation. Topics include numerical integration, 3D character modeling, keyframe animation, skinning/rigging, inverse kinematics, rigid body dynamics, deformable body simulation, and fluid simulation.

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Your fun and helpful TAs:
Avi Goyal
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Peng Chen
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Yezhen Cong
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CS 107, MATH 51


There is no required textbook for CS248B.

Office Hour Calendar

Some OHs are virtual, and some are hybrid. Please log into Canvas for the OH Zoom links.

Discussion Boards

We will be using Ed for general class announcements and discussions. The CS248B Ed page is located here. We also have a canvas page here.

Assignments and Exams (What you'll be doing!)

Programming assignments. Students will complete three programming assignments.

Written homework. Students will complete four written homework.

Exam. There will be one final exam.

Late hand-in policy. Each student has a total of 9 late days for 4 written homeworks + 3 programming assignments. Using 1 late day extends the deadline by 24 hours. There is no limit on the number of late days per homework/assignment. No homework/assignment will be accepted for more than 9 days after the deadline. Late homework/assignments will not be accepted if you are out of late days, so use the late days wisely!

Grade breakdown

  • HW1 8%
  • HW2 8%
  • HW3 8%
  • HW4 8%
  • P1 16%
  • P2 16%
  • P3 16%
  • Final exam 20%